Taking pain pills during pregnancy What are the dangers to my unborn baby?

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Acetaminophen (paracetamol) is quite safe during pregnancy but I would avoid aspirin and ibuprofen unless prescribed by your doctor.
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Can getting a tattoo during pregnancy harm an unborn baby?

Yes. You are not to, under ANY circumstance to get a tattoo while you are pregnant. You are bombarding the body with a foreign substance that your body will fight off, and in

What pills can you take during pregnancy?

hope this can help some. . I think it would depend on the type of pill you are taking. Whatever you are taking the pill for, and also the dosage can play a big part in taki

How does taking cocaine during pregnancy affect an unborn child?

they become as addicted as the mother and suffer tremondously when born for years to come, physically, mentally and emotionally. cocain can do alot of harm to your baby.It c

How does taking methamphetamine during pregnancy affect an unborn child?

I am a school teacher teaching kindergarteners whose mothers have taken meth and they were born addicted to it, and YES!!!!!!!!!! OMG, it does affect them. If you are pregnan

How does taking cocaine during pregnancy affect the unborn child?

Because whatever is in your system when your are pregnet is also in your babies cause your baby depends on you for life, and if you put harsh chemicals in your body that is al

Taking lortab during pregnancy What are the dangers to your unborn baby?

Lortab contains acetaminophen (Tylenol) and hydrocodone (an opiate) and neither is harmful to the fetus but if you have a need to take it daily you need to speak to your docto

What are the effects on an unborn baby of drinking during pregnancy?

Heavy consumption of alcohol during pregnancy increases the risk that the baby could have fetal alcohol syndrome which is where the baby's growth and development are stunted,

Can taking pills harm your unborn baby?

Almost any drugs have the ability to cause harm during pregnancy - depending when they are used and what their purpose. Prescription medication taken by the mother need to b

Can lack of sleep during pregnancy affect the unborn baby and how?

The baby will get the sleep he needs but it's you who should be worried for yourself. Being tired and need ot sleep more is common during pregnancy so it's important to fix sc
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Is it dangerous to take pain pills durn pregnancy?

It really depends on the type of pain pill. Some are safe, but other definitely are dangerous. If you are having pain, be sure to give your doctor a call to check before takin