Was Muhammad the founder of Islam?

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Yes, Muhammad P.B.U.H was the person that Allah chose to be the prophet of Islam, but Muhammad didn't "find" Islam, it says in the Quraan that an angel called "Jebreel" was sent by god and was told to teach Muhammad Islam so he can guide his people.
As per history, Islam began in Mecca, Saudi Arabia when God revealed the Qur'an to the prophet of Islam but....... the Muslim's perspective is completely different, as per Muslim, Islam and quran....Adam, Abraham, Noah, moses, Jesus ( Adam, Ibrahaim, Nuh, moosa,Isa in Arabic respectively) are messengers of Allah and came with the same message of montheism and message of one god and being creator of universe.


Muhammad was the founder of Islam religion.

Yes, the prophet Muhammad founded Islam in the seventh century CE, in Mecca and Medina.
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Was Muhammad the founder of Islam and do Muslims worship him?

Answer1 Of coursenot! Muslims don't worship but the one and only Allah. Muhammed(pbuh) was the messenger of Allah.please read below.. As per history, Islam began in Me

Is Muhammad the founder of the 5 pillars of Islam?

The five pillars of Islam were mentioned in a saying (Hadith) of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. However, the five pillars are basic Islam principles that Muslims were com

How did Muhammad become the founder of Islam?

Allah (God in English) is the founder of Islam and not prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is God prophet and messenger to whom God revealed Quran through the Ang

Why is Muhammad the founder of Islam?

Kaffar Perspective . Why did Muhammad begin to claim to receive revelations? It is a psychological question - based on the evidence many suggest it was a quest for power an

When did Muhammad become the founder of Islam?

Muhammad - PBUH - Is Not The Founder Of Islam ! \n. Islam Is A Religion From Allah And Muhammad Is \n. A Prophet Who Carried This Msg From Allah To People \n. And He Became

Was Muhammad the founder of the Islamic Empire?

Of course, he was the founder of the Islamic Empire, before the foundation of the first Islamic state by him, Arabs had not central government, instead there was a tribal syst

Where was the founder of Islam from?

The founder of Islam is Allah (God in English); the Creator who is every where every time with no limit in space or time. Refer to related question below.

Is it true that a Muhammad is the prophet and founder of Islam?

Muhammed (pbuh) is the prophet : It is mentioned in holy Quran and Bible. But He is not a founder of Islam . _________________________________________________________ It is tr

Why is Muhammad not considered the founder of islam?

he was only messenger of messages of God. he was illiterated and did not write anything all his life founder is God who sent messages to him. shia: if you mean by found
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What is the difference between the founder of Islam and Elijah Muhammad?

Answer 1 The latter is a American black nationalist and former leader of the Nation of Islam. And there is no person that can be called the founder of Islam. All prophets
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Who was Muhammad of Islam?

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was the last Prophet of Islam. There have been about 1, 25, 000 Prophets (May peace be upon them all) who had been preaching Islam.