Was Vietnam a conflict or war?

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Was Vietnam a war or a conflict? Well, the definition of the word "war" is "A state of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nation, states, or parties.", so by that definition Vietnam was in fact a war. However, officially in the eyes of the United States government, it was a conflict, because Congress never declared war on Vietnam. In fact, Congress hasn't declared war since 1941, so whenever you hear someone talking of the "war" in Iraq, you should correct them, and if they bring up the definition of "war", note the fact that there is no "nation, state, or party" to be at war with.
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Why was the Vietnam conflict not considered a war?

Answer 1 It is considered a war and a lot of men and some women lost theirlives in that war. It was the U.S. government, not helped by someof society that turned their backs

What type of conflict was the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam War was a "limited war"; limited to conventional weapons only (nukes not allowed). It was fought as both a guerrilla war in South Vietnam and as a conventional war

First conflict to the Vietnam war?

The French fought the 1st Indochina War (1946-1954). (Also known as the French-Vietnam War).. The US fought the 2nd Indochina War (1961-1973). (Also known as the US-Vietnam W

What was the cause of the conflict of Vietnam War?

After the defeat of the Japanese in WW2 France wanted to keep Indo-China as part of its Empire. Ho Chi Minh, with Communist support from China & Russia, wanted the French out.

What where the main features of conflict in the Vietnam war?

The bombing campaigns over North Vietnam: Rolling Thunder; Linebacker; the Christmas Bombings.. Tet Offensive in the ground war in South Vietnam...Newsman Walter Cronkite rep

Was it the Vietnam War or was it the Vietnam Conflict?

People interchange the word "conflict' with WWII or WWI or other wars these days; so it's acceptable to call it either. The last declared US war was WWII so any war or confli

Is there a memorial to the soldiers of the conflict of the Vietnam war?

Well, sort of. I am learning about this right now in History class. Veteran's day is technically considered a memorial to all soldiers who have served in the U.S. army. So I g

Who was fighting in the Vietnam war conflict?

Well considering it was in Vietnam and thousands of U.S. troops died, i would have to say the United States and Vietnam fought in the Vietnam War. Although, there was still a

How were the Korean conflict and the Vietnam War similar?

The Korean conflict and Vietnam War were both conflicts fought as an effort to contain the spread of communism in Asia. The Korean Conflict, while a stalemate, prevented commu

Was Vietnam a war or was it a conflict?

What, precisely, is the difference? "Conflict" sounds more civilized and polite, which the Vietnam ...whatever ... definitely was not. However, while the US Congress authori