What aircraft carriers went down in Pearl Harbor?

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If you mean what carriers were sunk at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 in the Japanese attack, the answer is none. All three Pacific Fleet carriers were all at sea, delivering aircraft, or on exercises. The fact that none of the carriers were present during the attack (along with the failure to launch the third wave attack and destroy the oil storage and submarine facilities) is counted as the reason the attack was a strategic failure for Japan.
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Where were the US aircraft carriers when the Pearl Harbor attack occured and why were they not at Pearl Harbor?

They were at sea. Mainly they were ferrying aircraft to a different base, I don't know which one. They also conducted assorted training exercises while they were out. It was j

What were the names of those three US aircraft carriers not at Pearl Harbor?

Enterprise Yorktown Lexington. Answer The USS Enterprise was 200 miles West of Pearl Harbor, returning from Midway, The USS Lexington was 460 miles East of Midway on its

Where were the US aircraft carriers on the day of the Pearl Harbor attack?

Two of the three Pacific Fleet US aircraft carriers the USS Enterprise (CV-6) and USS Lexington (CV-2) were at sea heading back to Pearl Harbor after delivering planes to Paci

How many Japanese aircraft carriers attacked Pearl Harbor?

Six fleet carriers. The names of the carriers was ziukaku, shokaku, akagi, kaga, hiryu, and soryu The Japanese used about four aircraft carriers during the attack on pearl ha

Were there any aircraft carriers based at Pearl Harbor?

\n. \nyes there a couple of dozen. if you want more info watch the movie pearl harbor.\n. \n. \nThe Aircraft Carriers were out of dock during the Japanese attack on 7 Dece

Who built japans aircraft carriers that attacked pearl harbor?

Japan built them. They've been building steel warships since the 1890s. Some of their steel battleships used during the Russian/Japanese War in 1904 were built in Great Britai
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Why were the aircraft carriers out at see instead of in Pearl Harbor?

On the day of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor the US Navy had 3 aircraft carriers in the Pacific. The Enterprise had just delivered 12 Marine fighters to Wake Island and
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How many aircraft carriers were sunk at the Pearl Harbor?

none, but US would have lost them if they where in harbor at the time of the attack. ----------------------------------New Answer------------------- Dec 7 1941. 7:55 AM the
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What aircraft carriers were at Pearl Harbor December 7 1941?

No aircraft carriers were at Pearl Harbor Most people would want to know what aircraft carriers were at Pearl Harbor, and I know the answer: None of the American carriers w
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Why was it significant that Japanese bombers failed to destroy several aircraft carriers in Pearl Harbor?

The attack by Japanese dive-bombers, torpedo planes and fighter aircraft on Pearl Harbor clearly demonstrated the superiority of aircraft over surface ships. It follows that t