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What are some effective tutoring methods?

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Well, you can make flash cards and tell your friends to quiz you, also instead of playing those video games STUDY.
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Is snorting heroin an effective method?

Snorting brown heroine is a very effective method of delivery and an alternative to injection for many addicts. Snorting injectable heroine powder can kill you (ever see the m

Why do tutors using the orton-gillingham learning method use pencils with no erasers on them?

Some teachers ask students to use pencils with no erasers on them so the student will be able to see their work without the ability to erase it. The philosophy of not erasing

What is an effective teeth whitening method?

You can use a teeth whitening pen, since it is not too complicated to put on and is a complement to your toothpaste and mouthwash. I hope that answers your question.

What are the methods of effective oral communication?

1) Being patient enough to listen to what the other person has to say. 2) Not being afraid to speak what's on your mind. ======= Communication, according to Webster's Di

What were some effective methods that Tubman used to motivate the escapes?

One thing i know is that many slaves (including Harriet Tubman) would make up songs that were actually in a secret code saying things like: go to the house with a quilt hangin

Why was trench warfare an effective method of warfare?

Well,firstly trenching was effective because the soldiers could hide in the trenches,staying out of the enemy's reach,while being able to shoot without showing too much of the

What is An effective method for mental and emotional health?

For everyday life, think about things that balance your stress  hormones such as exercise, being around people you love (physical  contact helps), music, doing something cre