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What are some effective tutoring methods?

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Well, you can make flash cards and tell your friends to quiz you, also instead of playing those video games STUDY.
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What are some modern effective farming methods?

Some of the modern effective farming methods includes the use of  tractors to plough the garden and fertizer on the crops. The other  modern effective farming method is the

What were some effective methods that Tubman used to motivate the escapes?

One thing i know is that many slaves (including Harriet Tubman) would make up songs that were actually in a secret code saying things like: go to the house with a quilt hangin

What are the methods of feeding in multiple effect evaporator?

Forward feeding-the taken in the first effect and then it is boiled.the steam produced from bolilling is used as a source of heat in the next effect.the solution is sent to th

What is a scientific method most effective in?

    The scientific method is most effective in proving or finding an answer to your initial Hypothesis. Many times the scientific method will lead you to new questions

What is skin effect and methods to reduce skin effect?

with the inductance of a conductor it tends to push current flow to the outside to reduce the effect you make the conductor hollow with 80 hz and Cu conductor the current

How can you tutor someone effectively?

1. Arrange the study material systematically 2. Put in as many diagrams, models, animations as possible without them causing distraction from the topic at hand. 3. After t

Least effective method of contraception?

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has compiled statistics on various methods of contraception, and their success rates. Most methods must be used correctly every time in

What is not an effective method of contraception?

The so called pull out method. There's always pre-ejaculation. Just doing it on days when you don't ovulate is also not safe. Also only 12% of all women ovulate on the same d