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What are some good date places if you are a teen?

amusement parks
laser tag/paint ball
mini golf
rollerskating/ice skating
go karting
arcade/games area
bike riding/mountain biking
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What are some good teen fantasy books?

Answer:   I would recommend (I'm sorry if i don't spell right :p) :   The Daughters of the moon series by Lynne EwingSisters of Isis series by Lynne EwingEragon, Eldist, (MORE)

Where is a good place for a first date?

Answer   Somewhere private enough to talk without having to strain but public enough that you don't feel too awkward and the woman feels safe. A place where there's an (MORE)

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What are some good teen jobs?

Go around the neighborhood, and ask if you can mow lawns, take care of pets, work for family owned businesses, or you can just go to MacDonald's! Nike Outlet Clearance stores (MORE)

What are some good teen romance movies?

Here are ten good ones: A Walk to RememberNever Been KissedJust My LuckThe Last KissSomebody's Hero (this one's not teen, but I liked it) FlippedEasy A (may be a little inappr (MORE)

What are some good clothing stores for teens?

Okay here is the list: Forever 21, hollister, kohls, american eagle, charlotte russe, pac sun, target, abercrombie, wet seal, aeropostale, jcpenny, tjmax, marshalls, the pink (MORE)

What are some good fantasy books for teens?

The Darkest Powers SeriesMeyers The HostThe hunger gamesEragonHarry Potter SeriesArtemis Fowl seriesThe Chronicles of NarniaGraceling and Fire by Kristen CashorePoison Study a (MORE)

Is there any good dating sites for teens?

Teens should take the SAFE route and date people from school or other local places. The worst place to meet someone is online!! You never know who might be lying about what th (MORE)

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