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What are some good date places if you are a teen?

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amusement parks
laser tag/paint ball
mini golf
rollerskating/ice skating
go karting
arcade/games area
bike riding/mountain biking
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What are some good teen fantasy books?

Answer:   I would recommend (I'm sorry if i don't spell right :p) :   The Daughters of the moon series by Lynne EwingSisters of Isis series by Lynne EwingEragon, Eldist, (MORE)

What are some good part time jobs for teens?

Your best bet would be to seek a job at a fast-food joint or something like that. If you're a female babysitting is always a good option. Male or Female seeking a job at a fas (MORE)

Why do teens date?

  It is the begining of the search for a mate and life partner.
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What are some good clothing stores for teens?

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Where are some good sushi places?

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