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What are some things that a teen can do for fun in the middle of the country?

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It depends on the young person. Ranching is fantastic and it's a hoot to go on a cattle drive (that can be arranged) and chow down with the old cowpokes. Evenings of stories around a campfire are always a hit.
Horseback riding is another good thing to learn, or if one is lucky and knows how to ride already it's a pure rush of freedom to race across open country with wind in your hair and bugs in your teeth! LOL
Of course meeting other young people is a must as well. There are dances, etc., and if introduced to other people their own age then they can decide what is fun.

1.Go rock climbing!
3.Go to a concert!
4.Watch all the Disney classics
5.Make a summer tote bag
6.Throw a pool party with only a kiddy pool
7.Lemonade stand
8.Stayup ALL night
9.Have a spa day
10.Freeze a water balloon and then peel off the actual balloon
11.Back yard party for little kids!
12.Camp in my own backyard
13.Have a garage sale
14.Go hiking
15.Volunteer (:
16.Redecorate my room
17.Get 1000 views on a youtube video
!8. Host a karaoke night
19.Start a collection
20.Watch the sunset
21.Watch the sunrise
22.Roast marshmallows
23.Create my own holiday
24.Makemy own soap
25. TYE DYE(:
26. Make stuff out of trash
27.Have a winter party
28.Make a mini-movie
29.DO a photo shoot
30.have a lemonade stand
31.FOOOOd fight
32.Order pizza
33.Go twelve hours with out being indoors
34.GO on a picnic
35.Go to a midnight premiere of a movie
36.Make a slip in slide
37.GO cardboard sledding
38.COOK a full meal
39.go to an amusement card and ride EVERYTHING]
40.Collect fireflies
41.Dring lemonade in a kiddy pool
42.fly a kite
43.Make a Root beer float
44.star gaze
45.dance in the pouring rain
47.have a movie party in my backyard
48.COMPLETE self makeover
49.Dress up really fancy and go to a fast-food restaurant
50.Convine a stanger we are related
51.Go for a bike ride
52.Take a long hot bubble bath with candles and music
53.Rent a tv show series and spend the whole day watching it!
54.MAke a smoothie with only local fresh food
55.Little kid day!
57.Lounge on a hammok
58.Scraap book
59.Ice cream shop
60.GO to at least 2 festivials
61.GET a new hairdo
62.Make Icepops out of juice
63.Read atleast 5 good books
64.Paint my nails summer colors
65.Have a music day
66.Throw a themed party
67.Create my own cartoon character
68.Decorate eggs
69.Make a CD of all my avorite songs
70.Finish a game of monopoly
71.Make my own perfume
72.Make my own lipgloss
73.Sell my Perfume and lipgloss
74.Refresh my wardrobe
75.Play flashlight tag
76.Eat breakfast outside alone
77.Play the claw macine
78.Have a potluck
79.Make a homemovie
81.Paint a picture
82.Host a bake sale
83.Play dominos
84.Write a poem
85.Make homemade cookies
86.Get imto photography
87.Make a meal for the family
88.star gazing
89.Make a flower hairclip
90.Make a music video
91.start a summer journal
92.Decorate a pair of jeans
93.Run a 5k
94.Go to a zoo
95.Devote a whole day to making stuff for the Taylor swift concert
96.Make a quilt
97.Make a puzzle.
98.Make cloud shapes
99. Have a whole day of me time
100.Have a cartoon marathon
101.Put on a play production
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