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What are some weaknesses if you don't like something that somebody is doing?

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often if people say nasty things about you for no reason they are trying to take out on you their own imperfections the best way is just walk away and start talking to your friends about something else ignore them completely. If some one is pushing you around and stuff like that ignore them again if people do that they want you to get annoyed/upset. don't give them the satisfaction just walk away.
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What if you like somebody and you think they like you but you don't have the guts to go up to them and tell them?

ok! this happened to me! i know its hard and you might be kinda scared to do it but it would be better if you just ask the person. that way if they like you it can go farther

How do you know if somebody don't like you?

By how they treat you. Exampal: If you treat someone with respect and they do not like you but you don't know that, they might treat you with disrepect or the opissit of the w
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What to do when the signs somebody likes you but the say they don't?

They don't want to admit it or they don't like you maybe a step over the friend zone but nothing else.if they don't what to say it means they have a huge crush on you and feel