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What are the Jonas Brothers nationality?

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Italian, German, Irish, and Cherokee Indian. That is from where they descent, their nationality is American Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas
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Are the Jonas Brothers really brothers?

Yes, the Jonas Brothers are really brothers. They get this question  asked a lot, and they always laugh. Of course they are brothers, in  their Disney TV show JONAS there is

Are the Jonas Brothers actually real brothers?

Yes, the Jonas Brothers- Kevin, Joe, and Nick- are all realbrothers. They even have a younger brother, around the age of 10,named Frankie- although, he is not a part of the fa

Which brother from the Jonas brothers is getting married?

People reports that Kevin Jonas, 21, has asked his girlfriend Danielle Deleasa, 22, to marry him. Apparently Kevin surprised Danielle, a former hairdresser, by showing up at h

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Is Kevin Jonas the oldest Jonas Brother?

  Kevin Jonas (Paul Kevin Jonas II) was born 5 November 1987. Joe Jonas (Joseph Adam Jonas) was born 15 August 1989 Nick Jonas (Nicholas Jerry Jonas) was born 16 Sep

Why are the Jonas Brothers called the Jonas Brothers?

Because the musical group consists of Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas, and they are brothers. It was a convinient name to use; they thought of The Jonas Trio; Jonas 3; and Sons Of

Does the Jonas brother have a little brother?

yes the Jonas brothers have a little brother; The Bonus Jonas as everyone calls him. His name is Frankie Jonas aka: Franklin Jonas. Some people even think that he might even b

Who are the Jonas Brothers?

They are 3 boys who are brothers that made a band together. Some of  their songs are "S.O.S", "When You Look Me in the Eyes", "Hold On"  and lots more. "Music on Red Bull."