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What are the advantages and disadvantages between an optical mouse and a ball mouse?

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Optical the Better Mouse The laser of the optical mouse may bounce off certain colors and shapes on a mouse pad.
  • There are no disadvantages to a optical mouse. The optical mouse just works better and smoother than the ball mouse, and you never have to worry about the ball getting dirty or hanging. I would suggest getting an optical mouse and throwing the ball mouse away.
For this you definitly need the opinion of someone who has to sufffer the ball mouse at least once a week. ie: School pupils. I have two IT lessons a fortnight, and at our school you have a choice between overly chunky optical mice or cheap, way too light ball mice. I end up tolerating the ball mice as I am very picky about my mice. I, personally like mice with a bit of weight on them, but the thick plastic outer of the school's optical mice is ridiculous. Generally, schools don't provide pupils with mousemats on the theory that they will be nicked/tooexpensive, so the only way to get the ball mice to operate in a friendly manner is to clean it before use, or use your science book as a substitute mousemat. The moral of this long-winded story is: Avoid buying a ball mouse unless it is unavoidable!
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Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Mechanical mouse Optical mouse andWireless mouse for the mouse?

I would like to describe remaining advantages and disadvantages briefly. . Mechanical Mouse: . Disadvantages . performance and tracking ability depend on the surface the mo

What are the disadvantages of a ball mouse?

The major disadvantage of a ball mouse is that it is not as easy touse as other types of mice like optical and laser. It is alsocomparatively much less durable.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an optical mouse?

Advantages: - Less moving parts = less likely to break - Easier to maintain, does not require cleaning - Higher sensitivity - Works on a wider variety of surfaces

Is the optical mouse expensive compared to the ball mouse?

A basic no-frills optical mouse will usually cost only a few dollars more than a basic no-frills mechanical mouse. There are many mouses on the market however which come wi

What wre the advantages of optical mouse over scroll mouse?

\nThe main advantage is that optical mice don't wear out as ball mice do. Ball mice are mechanical and the mechanics detecting the position wear out after a few years.\n. \nO

What is the difference between optical and ball mouse?

It's to do with how the movement of the mouse isconverted into signal. A ball mouse uses a small marble sized ball that is rolled around underneath the mouse in a compartment.

What advantages does the optical mouse have over the mechanical mouse?

The mechanical mouse depends on moving parts to move the pointer on the computer and a clean smooth surface. Over time they get worn and/or dirty impacting functionality of th