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According to some: Liver is good for you because it has folic acid which is good to control your cholestorol however there are pleanty other ones that say it has a lot of vitamin A so do not eat more than once week the most. It depends if you want to control you cholestorol I would recomand to eat it by obey the guide lines.
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Can dogs eat chicken liver?

  Yes Dogs can eat Chicken Liver and Beef Liver. I boil them in water until not pink, and use the water for dry food gravy. They are great for training you dog also. My Do

Can you eat a liver?

yes. Non vegetarians eat liver of sheep, goat, cow or buffalo etc. Sheep liver is rich in vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 is responsible for healthy skin, healthy nervous system and pr

Benefits of eating chicken liver?

Well chicken liver is filled with numerous vitamins and minerals that serve your health in many purposes! First off chicken liver can supply the body with over three times t

Do rhinos eat liver?

It might be able to, but is hugely unlikely to  try.  Rhinos are herbivores, plant eaters, and normally wouldn't eat  liver. 

Can ferrets eat chicken livers?

Yes. I would not feed it too often, or too many because liver is high in vitamin a. A small portion (1 tablespoon) once a week is plenty.

Who eats liver?

Many folks eat liver. It can be fairly healthy to eat depending on how it is cooked. Obviously, if it is fried in a lot of grease, it won't be the most healthy. A lot of peopl