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That depends quite a bit on your individual needs, but in general, some good ones to take are fish oil (omega 3s), vitamin D, and probiotics, which are not always easily obtained through diet alone (or sun exposure in the case of vitamin D). Many people also take vitamin C to help boost their immune system, but you can absorb that fairly easily simply by eating foods such as strawberries or oranges.
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What is the best vitamin to take when weaning of lexapro?

I am weaning myself off Lexapro as well and have done some investigation, (surfing the net for others' experience weaning off this antidepressant,) so I am taking Omega 3 Fatt

What are some of the best vitamins to take to flush out drugs from your urine?

A drink called Omni Cleansing Drink by Purified. It contains a complete B vitiman list, creatine, fiber and works as a temporary cleaner or masking agent so you will pass a ur

What is the best liquid hair vitamins to take for quick hair growth?

Biotin 3,000 mu or iu of it. Skin hair and nails is vitamin with all essential vitamins BUT INCLUDES HIGH DOSE OF BIOTIN AND it is what makes hair grow. Growth is from interna

What is the best time to take a Vitamin D supplement?

Vitamin D can be taken anytime of the day. There is no added benefit from taking it in the morning or night. However, a regular schedule would help you remember to take it eac

When is it best to take vitamins?

Anytime of the day is OK. Actually if you're working out. The best time to take vitamins or supplements is within an hour after your workout. The reason is because after a

What is the best form of Vitamin B Complex to take?

Most B-complex supplements are 50-100mg across the board. This is fine, but to ensure a positive reaction to your body try for one that contains the following: Niacin, not N

What is the best vitamin to take to produce semen?

  From what I remember, zinc is one of the ingredients you need to make sufficient semen.   Here is some more information: http://www.google.com/search?source=ig&hl=en&

When is the best time to take sangobion vitamins?

The best time to take Sangobion Vitamins is right before you're  about to eat breakfast. Always take vitamins right before you eat  or right after, as you do not want to ups

What is the best time of day to take vitamin d?

  it's not really important what time you should take vitamin D,but i would suggest that it is probably better to take it at lunch time.The reason is that,Vitamin D is a s

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What is the best vitamin to take to build your body?

I wouldn't think there is any vitamin to take to Build Muscle, But some friends and I drink whey protein drinks and they are supposed to build muscle, I will say that in just