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What are the chances of gettin pregnant from pre-ejaculation?

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Just as good as ejaculating inside. There is no difference between the two when it comes to sperm finding that little egg.
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What are the chances of getting pregnant with pre-ejaculate fluid?

Cum is not the medical term. Ejaculation or preejaculatory are ones more aplicable. Just before ejaculation occures, a gland known as Bulbourethal or Cowper's Gland secrets it

Chances of getting pregnant from pre-ejaculate fluid?

  Answer   Although there's not as much sperm in pre-ejaculate as in a full ejaculation, those sperm are just as viable. So, if you engage in activities where they c

What are the chances of getting pregnant with no pre-ejaculate fluid or semen?

  If there is none of either one then you can't get pregnant Precum (cowpers fluid) is produced without sperm . there is a slim chance that it may have become contaminated

Is there a chance of gettin pregnant if you do sex without condom one day before periods?

  It is unlikely because of the timing, but you are not using condoms just to prevent pregnancy. you are also protecting yourself from STDs that you partner may not know h

What are the chances of pre-ejaculate to get a girl pregnant?

That is possible, the pre-cum has some spermatozoa in it also.the chances are most likely the same as when one has sexual intercourse,vaginally,without using a condom about 1

What is the chance that you can pregnant fom pre-ejaculate?

the reason that you can get pregnant from pre- cum or RS (rocket sweat) is because pre-cum is like sweat from the penis everytime you workout you sweat same thing with the pen
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