What are the differences between Catholic and Protestant saints?

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Protestants do not have a "canonisation" procedure, as a result all of the Protestant Saints are generally either Old testament personages, people from the New Testament, or people from the early church. There is no specific "line in the sand" where protestants stop using church approved saints. Protestants also refer to living people as "saints" following the example of the new testament epistles (i.e. "To the saints at Corinth").

The Catholic Church has a method in which a person is declared saintly. Meaning that there is no chance that they are not in heaven and therefore are able to be publically venerated. These people must have lived exceptional lives, been worthy of example, and a few other things with the inclusion of at least 2 post mortem miracles obtained through their intercession. Catholics believe in the communion of the saints, by which they mean that all the saints, both the faithful on earth and those in Heaven, adore God together and can be asked to pray for the needs of those on earth.

The Orthodox Church also has no canonisation procedure, Saints in the orthodox church are created by public acclaim.
Another Opinion Actually, the Protestant churches, other than the saints that the Bible talks about, also believe that every single person who is a born again Christian, is, PRESENTLY, a saint. Protestants do not believe one can be made a saint by the declaration of the church. In the Bible, the word saint meant every single Christian, not some who were better than others or had been declared to be saints by the church. Protestants do not believe in worshipping or venerating saints.
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