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As with any religion, Judaism is split between the left, right and everywhere in between.

The reform and conservative Jews sit on the left, don't necessarily take all the laws etc literally and favor a more modern approach.

In the middle sit the 'regular' Jews, the modern orthodox through to orthodox. They typically keep all the laws, attend the synagogue, learn the Torah etc though at the same time, live in the modern world and fit their religion into the world.
On the right you have the ultra-orthodox, the Chassidish sects who seek to preserve their heritage more. They may typically wear the traditional garb of the Eastern European Jews; long coats, black hats etc. They seek to keep the tradition as it was for hundreds of years. Many of these people learn in kollel, a house of study for married men. They belive that we were put on this earth to study the ways of Hashem, and his laws. They are usually very refined, down to earth people, in keeping with the commandments of Hashem.

Don't have any resentment on Jews who study all day. All lawyers out there, who have never seen a page of Gemara (Part of the Jewish law), they are missing something amazing. The gedolim (great leaders of our generation in Torah) know about world events, you can have talks with them about current events. If you are the intelectual type, they will be more than happy to talk to you about religion, G-d, or whatever you wish to talk about. Philisophical? Try reading the Kuzeri by Rebbi Yehudah HaChasid. Great Torah scholars have written books on hot topics, such as human cloning.

Note: In this article, when reffering to Ultra-Orthodox, we don't meen the ones who throw rocks at cars on Shabbath in Israel. They are misguided. They are going against the laws in the Torah. They are an embarresment to the Jewish nation.
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