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What are the most Popular wedding months?

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In the United States, it's usually the summer months that are most popular.
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What is the most popular wedding destination?

  There are so many places you can choose from to host your wedding. The Caribbean happens to be the most popular destination for weddings. With Jamaica being the most pop

What is the most popular wedding dress color?

The most popular wedding dress color is white, or a variation of white like ivory. However color gowns are becoming more and more popular. Soft shade of pink, blue, grey, even

What month has been most popular for birthday?

There tend to be more births in September and October. This may be because there is holiday season nine months before, or from the fact that the longest nights of the year hap

What is the most popular birth month?

In the US, August usually has the most births per year. July and September are the next most popular and in some years surpass August. Summer months have higher birth rates th

What is the most popular month to get married?

It Varies, According to Location June, May, and then October are the most popular months to get married in the US, e.g., June in California; and October in Florida.

What is the most popular month for birthdays?

The most popular month for a birthday is statistically August. This could coincide with wintry conditions nine months earlier. However, multiple sources point to October 5th

What is the most popular wedding color?

white most people have wight dresses but for the flowers and all the other stuff i would say red. Most people choose to have a White dress for the bride and a different co

What month is the most popular birthday month?

BTW, this isn't supposed to be under a "shopping" category. Anyways, the most popular birthday month of 2011 is said to be January. There are a lot of birthdays in this month.

What month has been the most popular for birthdays?

It's not really a matter of being "popular" or not, because you  don't get to choose your birthday, and you usually only have a  limited amount of say in your child's birthd

Least popular month for us wedding?

In most of the country, the least popular months for  a wedding are the deep winter months. Those include: January,  February and March. December used to be less popular, bu