What climate does Indonesia have?

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Indonesia has a tropical climate. However, compared to the summer of Europe and North America, Indonesia in temperature is less warmer. But it feels warmer because it's humid, and that makes you sweat a lot.

Basically, this explains that Indonesia has a wet - tropical climate.

What you won't need when you go to Indonesia:
1) If you are wanting and liking tan, then you won't need long sleeved shirts/jackets/or of those kinds (Warm Clothes). But some Indonesians hate tan, and they'd wear thin long sleeved shirts to prevent themselves from getting a darker skin.
2) Blankets, etc.

What you need when you go to Indonesia:
1) Water - You're going to dehydrate if you don't drink water. I drank 2 litres of water daily, and it's a must, because you're sweating all the time. You can buy this everywhere and anywhere, anyhow, but it's okay to have your own bottle water.
2) Sun Block, or any of these stuff, that is is you're sunbathing or going to the beach..
3) I don't know what are they called, but they're in a kind of plastic bottle that have liquid in them that if you spread them on your skin, it will prevent you form getting bitten by flies. This is good (esp. when you go to the forests, or outdoor even), even the local Indonesians wear this when needed.

Hope this helps..
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What is the climate like in Indonesia?

The climate is predominantly tropical. The two maininfluences on it being the archipelago's equatorial position and the fact that it is split up into so many scattered islands

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Indonesia is a tropical climate zone. Some of the landscape inIndonesia includes plains, and mountains, and has very humidweather.

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Indonesia is a tropic country!! Indonesia have a second largest rain forest in the world. so the climate of Indonesia is tropic.

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Indonesia lies in the equator therefore it has a tropical rainforest. However some parts in Indonesia are highlands - quite singnificantly above the sea level - therefore have