What continent is the ancient greek civilization on?

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The continents that ancient greek had civilization on was Europe and Asia
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When did the Ancient Greek civilization come to an end?

Ancient Greece, lasting ca. 750 BC[1] (the archaic period) to 146 BC (the Roman conquest). wrong,Ancient Greek Civilization starts from the Minoic Era,around 3.000 bc and t

How did the ancient greek civilization begin?

The earliest Greek people were the Minoans. They lived on theisland of Crete 3000 years ago and their civilization lasted for2000 years. Greece is a peninsula that is easily a

Why did the ancient greek civilization collapse?

It did not really collapse it merely changed first from Greece to Macedonian though keeping the central tenets of art archaeology and mythology and then when Alexander the Gre

What continents had ancient civilizations?

The last 500 years explorers of European origin [Spanish, Portuguese, Italians, English, Dutch etc] came in contact with civilizations that were developed in all continents.

How did ancient greek civilization end?

A large war happened: the Peloponessian Wars (431 to 404 BC). Athens and Sparta went to war then their allies joined in. After many long bloody years, Sparta finally won and t

What were the periods in ancient Greek civilization?

The periods of ancient Greek civilization were: . The Archaic Period - 9th to 6th Century BCE . The Classical Period - 5th to 4th Century BCE . The Hellenistic Period -