What could be wrong with your tail lights if the fuses are good?

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Bad bulbs ?- they are double filamented with the larger being for the tailights Bad switch?
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What could be wrong with brake lights if not the switch bulbs or fuses?

Answer . Sounds like you've been doing some guessing! You need to find where the power stops. Use a test light at the sockets. If no power, go to the wire to the socket. Wh

If the fuses and bulbs are good what could be wrong if the brake lights do not work but the turn signals and tail lights are OK?

the brake light switch on the brake peda is by far the most likely cause ---but it would be nice to know which vehicle your talking about A Bad or Broken Brake light switch

1988 crown Victoria Tail and parking lights don't work but fuse and switch is okay what could be wrong?

Tail lites work, do flashers work ? Is the bulb good ? Try a new bulb first, still does not work. Check the wire just before the lites for power with a 12 volt tester, if powe