What does it mean when you try to start your car and it just goes click click click?

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It means your battery is almost completely dead and there isn't enough juice in it to ingage the solinoids bendix gear (in the starter)into the flywheel and turn the engine over. The clicking is the sound of the gear trying to move into the flywheel and running out of power to continue so it starts over and tries to ingage the gear again over and over that is the clicking. Jump start the vehicle and let the battery charge before turning it off. If its not charging while runnin check connections to the battery terminals,the battery itself could be bad or the alternator(just about any auto parts store can check these things right in their parking lot).

If you are driving a BMW, especially if it's an older one, check your engine to chasis grounds. This is a common problem with these cars.
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Answer . The "clicking" is probably your solenoid trying to engage the starter. The problem is most likely a low battery which is strong enough to power the solenoid (hen

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That means the solenoid IS working, but power is too low to turn the starter. Check and if necessary clean or tighten the battery terminals. If still the same, charge your bat