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'we can'
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What does 'peut' mean?

The verb 'peut' means [he/she/it] can . As with English speakers, French speakers tend to have subjects with their verbs. In this example, the verb is in the third person sin

What is the French 'peut être' in English?

[He/she/it] can be is an English equivalent of 'peut être'. The verb 'peut' means '[he/she/it] can or is able'. The infinitive 'être' means 'to be'. Together, they're pronou

What does 'Peut y avoir' mean?

The question 'Peut y avoir' means Is it allowed [possible, O.K., etc.] to have ... . In the word-by-word translation, the verb 'peut' means '[he/she/it] can'. The adverb 'y

What is the French 'peut-être' in English?

Maybe or Perhaps may be English equivalents of 'peut-être'. The adverb combines the verb 'peut' ['he/she/it can or is able to'] and the infinitive 'être' ['to be']. I

What is the French word 'peut' in English?

" Can " is an English equivalent of the French word " peut ." Specifically, the French word is the third person singular of the present indicative of the infinitive " pouvo

What does Chacun fait son salut comme il peut mean in English?

Chacun fait son salut comme il peut may be translated literally as "Everyone makes his (own) salvation as (best) he may" -- in other words, to try to impose a way of acting or