What does smoking do to the fetus?

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All the things about smoking that hurt you (the mother) hurt the baby. The babies heart and lungs will be affected greatly. If you are a heavy smoker and the baby actually survives birth (most pregnant smokers give still-births*), the child will suffer from a weak heart resulting in many circulation issues accompanied with an increased risk of heart failure. The babies lungs will start out rotten and tar filled, resulting in easy infections, asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, and countless other respiratory problems. The baby is most likely to be born underweight and will have to be incubated, a terrifying thing for any mother. The child has a high chance of being born with an addiction to nicotine (like is babies born to crack or heroin addicts), radically increasing the chances that the child itself will become a smoker.
Once again, what hurts you hurts the baby. You may smoke after the baby is born however second hand smoking is one of the leading causes of addiction and lung cancer in the United States.

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A.) All the things about smoking that hurt you (the mother) hurt the baby. The babies heart and lungs will be affected greatly. If you are a heavy smoker and the baby actu
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