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The same one God that is worshiped by all monotheistic religions, They call him Waheguru.

WAHEGURU or Vahiguru also spelt and pronounced Vahguru, is the distinctive name of the Supreme Being in the Sikh dispensation, like YHWH in Judaism and Allah in Islam.
They view all, or at least these major, religions as differing in worship, but describing the same inherent God. They regard the differences between the various religions akin to looking at the same thing from different viewpoints since all the major religions agree to this deity's inherent nature (compassionate, all-knowing, all-seeing, etc.). Sikhs believe that there is only one god that created all of us, that created everything.   Sikh people worship in a place called a "Gurdwara."
The word gurdwara means "the door of the Guru" (Guru means Teacher and Dwara means door.) It houses the book that Sikhs venerate, the Guru Granth Sahib. In the gurdwara any type of person can come into the gurdwara, no matter the colour, religon.
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Where do Sikh worship?

The Place of worhip for Sikhs is called the Gurdwara although Sikhs can worship any where in the form of sewa

Where do Sikh people worship?

The Sikh people worship at a place called Diwaan. It's purpose is to praise God and the spirituality of the community.

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They believe in One Immortal Being, ten Gurus, the teachings of theten Gurus, and the baptism bequeathed by the tenth Guru.

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One. They call him Vahiguru. Just like in Christian belief, thisGod is all-powerful, omnipresent (present everywhere at any placeor time) and someone who cannot be seen by the