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What gulf separates Baja California from the rest of Mexico?

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Gulf of California
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The Gulf of California, also known as Sea of Cortes or Mar de Cortez (as known in Mexico), is the body of water that separates Baja California Peninsula from the Mexican mainland. It has a coastline of about 4,000 Kilometers (2,500 miles) and has an approximate area of 160,000 square Kilometers (62,000 sq mi). There are many rivers that flow into the sea, including the Colorado, Sinaloa and Yaqui rivers. Some coastal cities around the sea include La Paz (189,176), Los Cabos (164,162) or Guaymas (134,153). The region is also known to be rich in biodiversity, and an important commercial fishery, where many shrimp and sardine fleets from the city of Mazatlan exploit the local species.
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Is Baja California a narrow plateau?

no because it is very big on the map

Which country is Baja California?

It is one of the States of Mexico.

Where is baja California located?

It is part of Mexico, northwest of the mainland.

What ocean borders Baja California?

The Pacific Ocean borders the Baja California Peninsula to the  west. It also has shores on the Gulf of California, which lies  between the peninsula and Mexico's mainland.

Why is part of California separating from the rest of North America?

California is not separating from North America so much as rubbing up against it. The state of California straddles two tectonic plates: the North American Plate and the Pacif