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A dimmer pack is a collection of dimmers used to DIM, or change the intensity of the lights in a theatrical show.

Dimmer packs come in many varieties, from budget (anything from £50) right up to the high end stuff (up to about £3000)

They are commonly controlled remotely from the lighting control console via either 0-10v analogue, or (more commonly these days) DMX-512.

An ideal dimmer changes only the intensity of the light, leaving all other attributes unchanged. Most dimmers lower the voltage to the light, which also causes the light to shift to the warm/red end of the spectrum because the filament cools. Some modern lighting instruments include a dimmer in the instrument (either mechanical or electrical) and do not require a dimmer pack.

Most dimmer packs also distort the sinusoidal waveform of the AC voltage and can cause noise and problems if connected to motors. Some special dimmers produce true sine wave output.
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