What is a just and unjust law?

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Just law is fair and unjust is not fair
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What is an unjust law?

As St. Augustine said 'an unjust law is not law at all.' In other words, an unjust law would be a law, that takes away ones freedom, or causes harm, or basically just causes c

A refusal to obey unjust laws?

This is an interesting question and I doubt if many people give it much thought. The question is usually dealt with in courses in jurisprudence. Note that a law, even a proper

What is unjust law?

Unjust law is a phrase used to describe a group or someone of powerwho enforces a law but does not obey the law themselves. An examplewould be a police officer who speeds for

What is an example of an unjust law?

One example of an unjust law is the fact that homosexuals stillcannot get married in some states within the US. Another example ofan unjust law is the CISPA law, which violate

What are examples of unjust laws?

Orders to torture people. Laws that unfairly discriminate against people. Laws that date back centuries and are cruel and have no place in today's society. As St. Augus

What are 'unjust laws'?

unjust laws means laws that are not just,unfair,cruel or bad laws.The existence of law is a must , but it also must be just and humane,man made law,should never turn into bad

What is ajust law an unjust law?

The justice is not in the law, the justice is in it's administration. Even a most just law can be enforced and adjudicated unjustly.

Can a law be unjust and just at the same time. If so can you name an example?

absolutely. basically, any law that makes some people pay for another person's dumb mistake or choice. take, for example, the law that now prohibits Baltimore county high scho

Was the trail of tears just or unjust?

The trail of tears was unjust because the british took over their land without letting the natives have a say. They basiclly just walked onto their property and said get out.

Is it right to disobey an unjust law?

To obey an unjust law is to give legitimacy to a law thus giving it precedence over morality and ethics : the "Moral Imperative" prevails . Added: Ummmm . . . WHAT'd they
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Should DOMA be unjust or just?

The 1996 Defense of Marriage Act ("DOMA"), like all federal laws, should be just. Unfortunately, it is not.
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Can there be legal cases in which the law is unjust?

Yes. Lawmakers are only human, and they can make unjust laws quite often. Many of the racially related laws from the segregation/civil rights era were unjust. If a black man a