What is a plankton and what are some examples of plankton?

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Plankton are very small organisms that live in the world's oceans. There are two main categories of plankton; phytoplankton and zooplankton. Phytoplankton are small plants that cause the color of the oceans in some places to be green. They also make up the largest single biomass in the world. Zooplankton are small animals that eat phytoplankton.
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What is a plankton?

Plankton refers to any seabound organism that can't swim against the current, drifters. Phytoplankton Phytoplankton are minute (extremely small) plants that float on th

What if there is no plankton?

Many animals, including whales, would have problems adapting. Also, the oxygen produced by the photosynthesis of some plankton would have extremem affects on the atmosphere.

What are planktons?

tiny/small under sea creatures that eat everything, including other planktons! they usually have one eye

How do you get plankton?

by using a very fine net! *ride a speedboat. *put the net UNDERwater. *wait Go to a lake BEFORE you do these stuff

Plankton what are they?

Plankton are mostly tiny animal and plant organisms that float or weakly swim in the ocean's surface waters. Some plankton are single-celled while others are multi-celled---wi

What are some behavioral adaptations of plankton?

Plankton, otherwise known as Planktus Seaus, have many interesting behavioral adaptions. These include darkness reception, ie making dem go crazeeee, cutting off their legs wh

What is an example of Plankton?

Plankton is grouped organisms that are sometimes castoffs fromother creatures in the sea. They are also tiny bugs and fish andbacteria that cannot swim. Whales eat plankton by