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What is a plankton and what are some examples of plankton?

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Plankton are very small organisms that live in the world's oceans. There are two main categories of plankton; phytoplankton and zooplankton. Phytoplankton are small plants that cause the color of the oceans in some places to be green. They also make up the largest single biomass in the world. Zooplankton are small animals that eat phytoplankton.
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Does a plankton photosynthesis?

Yes. Actually, the most important source of molecular oxygen  generated on the planet comes from microscopic algae, that are part  of the marine plankton.

Are plankton carnivores?

They are Herbivores. Zooplankton, however, are carnivours and detrivores.

What is the size of a plankton?

 2mm=0.0787401574804 inches.

What do plankton eat?

Most plankton, known as phytoplankton, (but not all) eat in much  the same way as do plants - through photosynthesis, the process by  which sunlight is converted into food e

Is plankton a consumer?

Plankton is not a consumer because it eats different bacterias, this makes its a producer.

Plankton what are they?

Plankton are mostly tiny animal and plant organisms that float or weakly swim in the ocean's surface waters. Some plankton are single-celled while others are multi-celled---wi

Do plankton have legs?

In reality, no they do not.  If, however, you are referring to the cartoon character then yes, he is bipedal.

Why do we need plankton?

  Plankton supplies the world with 80% of its oxygen. Also, like any other organism, if they die out they mess up the ecosystem.

What does plankton eats?

Plankton - is a term describing the floating organisms in the water. It can be divided further based on size and function to phytoplankton (photoautotrophic protists, primary

Can you eat plankton?

Yes you can eat plankton. It wouldn't really fill you up, but their edible

Who discovered plankton?

Maria crisanta barsobia