What is a qualifying event to drop medical insurance through your employer?

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Usually divorce (to drop the other party) or marriage. Otherwise you may have to wait until open enrollment to drop. If you want to add yourself to your spouse or partner's coverage check first but you may be able to do that when you drop rather than have to do it during his or her open enrollment period. Again, check first before you do anything.
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Can an employer require you to show confirmation of medical coverage before you can drop your existing insurance?

Yes,The way this was explained to me by my companies H.R. Dept. was the fear the company has of being sued. Say you get a nasty divorce, separation or some thing along them lines and out of spite your husband or wife drops the family plan, then you or your child get injured and goes to the hospital (MORE)

Can you drop your employer-sponsored health insurance at any time?

Answer . You can always drop due to a qualifying event. If you did not have a qualifying event, check your Section 125 Plan (AKA Cafeteria Plan). This document dictates the contributions that you make pre-tax through payroll deduction... so your ability to stop paying may be the key to your de (MORE)

My husband and I both have group health insurance through our employers His policy is MUCH better than mine and I am a dependent on his policy as well Should I drop my policy from my employer?

Your example is quite common and a detailed look at the two policies may identify weakness in one that is stronger in another. Unless the better plan truly has everything you will need and offers 100% dental /drug/vision coverages, most plans only cover these benefits to a percentage or perhaps even (MORE)

How long should you have medical insurance to qualify for Cobra?

I found a website that answers this question. www.dmc.gov. It says that as long as the company that you work for has at least 20 employees and you are enrolled in the health plan you have the federal right to at least 18 months of coverage. You will have to pay the whole premium yourself though. ( a (MORE)

Should you get medical insurance with your employer if you are already covered from your husband?

If you're adequately covered through your husband's policy then there shouldn't be a need for you to get additional coverage through your company if it's full overlap. But you may want to compare the policies and see if your employer's policy is better, and maybe switch you both to yours and cancel (MORE)

How can an employee drop the health insurance provided by the employer?

Answer . Under most circumstances you can drop coverage at open enrollment. You can check with your benefits administrator to see if there are any qualifying events that may allow you to drop earlier. Also, in some circumstances you can not drop coverage even if you want to. Here in CA if the emp (MORE)

If you have insurance under hippaa and drop that insurance because your employer starts offering health insurance will you still qualify for hippaa coverage if you get laid off?

HIPAA is not insurance. HIPAA is the Heath Information Portability and Accountability Act passed by congress to protect persons Personal health Information (PHI).There is a clause in HIPAA that states you will receive a certificate of credible coverage for the months you had coverage to waive any pr (MORE)

What are qualifying reason to drop health insurance?

In the US, some qualifying reasons to drop health insurance would be because one of the people originally covered becomes eligible for Medicare, one of the people covered dies, or if the people covered were married but then get divorced (unless maintaining health insurance is manadated in the divorc (MORE)

Can your medical insurance drop your coverage in the middle of an ongoing medical problem?

Answer I might need more details to answer this. Most policies will continue to pay hospital claims if you are inpatient prior to your policy cancelling. Other than that I would say yes unless your question is more about specific approvals. We can for example stop paying for chemotherapy if you e (MORE)

How much do employers pay for medical insurance?

There is not a simple concise answer to this question as too many variables can come into play. Here are some of the variables: Does the company self insure itself. Does the company administer the self insurance program or do they vendor out its administration. What are the caps, if any, of the annu (MORE)

What if life insurance was through an employer and no beneficiary was named?

If no beneficiary was named the proceeds will be paid to the decedent's estate. The estate will be distributed according to the will or according to the laws of intestacy if there is no will. Generally, the legal spouse or spouse and children would inherit the proceeds. You can check the laws of int (MORE)

Can an employer drop health insurance for its employees if it is voluntary?

"Voluntary" insurance programs, such as those offered by AFLAC and certain other companies, are actually individual insurance policies that are marketed at the workplace-frequently during a period of "open enrollment". The premiums are paid by the employee, although the employer sometimes deducts pr (MORE)

Can you drop your husbands insurance through his work and get your own insurance?

Yes. The best way to go about doing this would be to get quotes before the annual period in which you can enroll/disenroll, and go ahead and apply for an effective date that is the same day that you can make changes. That way, if anything stops the private company from issuing the insurance you c (MORE)

Can you drop insurance with your employer and use your spouses insurance as primary?

yes If you drop your insurance, your spouse's insurance would not be primary. It would be the only insurance you'd have. "Primary" only comes into play if you are covered by more than one policy. You should check carefully before dropping your own insurance. First of all, be sure your spouse can g (MORE)

Can an employer change your medical insurance provider?

Yes, it is standard practice for employers to search out the best value for the dollar, and switch at the end of the contract year if they find someone better. That said, the law governing health insurance has changed over the last number of years, mostly in a way to broaden the availability of co (MORE)

Is it good to get short term insurance through your employer?

Short term health insurance is temporary coverage designed to fill gaps in coverage. Short term health insurance plans provide you with coverage for a limited period of time, and may be an ideal solution for those between jobs, waiting for other health insurance to start, so if that is the case then (MORE)

Can a medical insurance company drop coverage for a group?

Yes. A group policy is not much different from an individual policy when it comes to cancellations. If the group misses payments or no longer meets the underwriting guidelines the policy can be cancelled or non renewed per local regulations and contract terms.

Why do some employer go through private insurance companies?

The employers prefer private insurance companies for faster workculture,good environment,quicker claim disposal records and so on.Whereas in government insurance companies, red tapism plays animportant part in lethargic work culture. Further, job securityposes a mood of complacency among the governm (MORE)

Why do most people receive health insurance through their employers?

It is generally cheaper for people to negotiate healthinsurance prices through their employer as the combined company hasbetter negotiating power than a single person. . Employers keep more productive employees if they encouragehealth among their employees. As such some of the insurance may besubsi (MORE)