What is a slab foundation?

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It is a flat piece (slab) of concrete sitting on compacted soil or stone, usually meaning there is no basement. These generally only appear in areas where the ground does not freeze frequently.
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Can a pressure treated foundation be placed on the basement concrete slab?

Hello,. My name is Terry and I am a help expert in the building and construction field.. Yes, it is possible to construct a treated lumber foundation. It must however, be co

How do you dry wet carpet on a slab foundation?

There are five ways in which a person can dry wet the carpet on aslab foundation. The five ways include sealing gaps, sealing theconcrete, air to air exchange, use of the dehu

How do you patch or seal an exposed rebar post tension cable in foundation slab?

Rebar and Post Tension cable (PT) are two entirely different items. Rebar is the static steel bars placed in the concrete while the PT are high tensile strength cables that we

Advantages of waffle pod slab foundation of home?

There is only one advantage of waffle pod slab construction - reduced cost. The waffle pod slab is no more than a slab of concrete placed on the ground, with polystyrene block

How do you waterproof a slab on grade foundation?

Use polyethylene sheet membrane. Prior to concrete placing, cover the entire area with a layer of PE sheet membrane extending the perimeter of slab and up against wall for the

How do you raise a slab foundation?

Hire someone. This is not a do-it-yourself type of project. The contractor will essentially drill holes in the low parts of the foundation and pump a new concrete mixture (alt

What is a floating slab foundation?

Floating slab is a type of mat foundation. It consists of a hollow mat formed by a grid of thick reinforced concrete walls between two thick reinforced concrete slabs. The wei

Is a mortar bed needed to install standard 12 tiles to a cement slab foundation?

No you don't need a mortar bed. if you have existing cement slab, then all you need to do is make sure to check for uneven spots, cracks and fill them in. You can also use sel

What is cheaper foundation or slab?

It all depends on the ground conditions and the load of the building. The is also a little confusion around your terminology as the term 'foundation slab' is legitimate. Ma