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School prank- Putting someones head in a toilet, then flushing.
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How do you get a swirly?

you have your head put into a toilet and someone flushes. it is meant as a prank or sometimes bullying. it happened to me once

What is a swirlie?

It is a type of a bullying where the bully shoves the victims head into a toilet and flushes the toilet.

What is the swirly thing?

It is something that is round, such as a snake, all curled up or an ear. There are many answers to this question. I hoped I helped! -Jessica Bangs

What is a cherry swirly?

when a guy likes your pussy!! A swiwrly is when a bully puts your head in the toilet

How do you get a swirly from a bully?

hi, a swirly is when you have your head stuck down the toilet and get it flushed ( not nice at all) and as for how you get one off a bully that's probably not a good idea as i
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What is a swirly and what does it feel like?

i am 13 and i get a swirly every day by the school bully. a swirl  is when you put your head in a toilit and flush it. it feels like  you are getting spun around