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Some examples of themes are overcoming adversity, love, and friendship.
A theme is the subject of a talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic, so a theme could be almost anything.

Answer 2: Also, experienced speakers and writers know the value of having a theme. For example, when preparing a speech or lecture, the theme helps to focus attention on a narrower field of information and to think more deeply about it. The result is that instead of superficially touching on many points, they develop material in a way that is more beneficial to their audience. When each of the main points is directly connected to the theme and helps to develop it, the audience is also helped to remember those points and to appreciate their significance. Take the idea that the them is the particular viewpoint from which you develop your subject. Repetition of key words from the theme is like the recurring melody of a musical composition. ( found in the Ministry School book on page 209 Jehovah's Witnesses official website)
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What are some examples of story themes?

Themes are like "Good will win" "You can do it if you try " "Loveis powerful" "Friendship is all you need" Survival is not a theme, because it is only an idea for a story.Whi

In The Giver what is an example of the theme person vs nature?

Jonas endures severe cold; struggles constantly over the rocky terrain of the unpaved roads- getting bumps and bruises. (This is from the last few chapters when Jonas takes Ga

Which passage is an example of the theme of social class?

I would advise you merely to put on whatever of your clothes is  superior to the rest--there is no occasion for anything more. Lady  Catherine will not think the worse of yo

An example of a theme?

the most important aspect of the story or the main idea of the story

What is an example of a theme with a dual nature?

An example of a theme with a dual nature is a literary theme that  possesses an abstract idea that is expressed through art. Themes  may include ambition, loneliness, betray

Example for the theme of nutrition month?

1976 Maximum Utilization of Local Resources 1977 Strengthening the nutrition program at the barangay level 1978 Ugnayan ng kabataan sa nutrisyon 1979 Malusog na bata, malus
In Poetry

Colloquialism example war themed?

the thin red linecannon fodderthe scythe of the reaperharvesting the battlefieldthe sword ravishes one as well as the other...and all the death will point and cry and say to e

Example of a books theme?

Moby Dick: there is no absolute evil.   Frankenstein: Obsessions are bad, Nurture is more important than Nature   Tale of Two Cities: Sacrifice is Good.   The Litt