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Archipelagos are the countries or states that consists of many islands like Philippines and Indonesia.
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What does archipelago mean?

It is a tectonically formed group or cluster of large islands.such as aegean sea which contains a large number of scattered islands. Archipelago is a chain or cluster of islan

What is the Philippine archipelago?

The Philippine archipelago is one of the countries of Southeast Asia. It is officially known as the Republic of the Philippines. The term archipelago refers to how the country

What is an archipelago?

An archipelago is a group, chain or cluster of islands surrounded by a large body of water, usually the open sea.

What is the original Archipelago?

The first Archipelago is Africa.like my grandpa said africa is the original archipelago.

Where are archipelagos found?

Archipelagos are found in oceans all over the world. One of the  most famous is the Aleutian Islands off the coast of the American  state of Alaska.

What is archipelago principle?

The archipelago principle was codified in 1982. It stated that any  features of an archipelago (islands, waters, or any other features)  are considered as a single geographi

Why does Philippines is an archipelago?

Philippines are classified as an archipelago because of the fact  that Philippines are group of islands surrounded by waters.  Archipelago means islands that are near with e