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The Byzantines, were the remnants of the old Roman Empire. During the height of the empire, Rome's capital moved to Constantinople in the east. The west fell hundreds of years later to barbarians, thus leaving the east to hold its own. While many called it the Eastern Roman Empire, it became known as the Byzantine Empire, the Greek dominant.

Christianity at the time was a conglomeration of churches, known as the (Holy Orthodox Catholic Church. In 1021 the Western churches, centered in Rome, split from the eastern churches in Constantinople and they founded the Holy Catholic Church. The east continued to develop the original branch of orthodoxy, and continue to this day.
Byzantine Christianity was the nation/religion that came out of it. Churches in the Byzantine nation were all eastern orthodox, but some common traits can be found between them. One is the Greek, many words in the father such as "Theotokos", "Theos" are used no matter the native language and they mean Mother of God, and God in Greek. Others include the architecture, modeled with the big domed churches. Including the Agia Sophia, the Byzantine style of churches often have a dome and all have a specific layout uniform to all eastern Christians.

When did Christianity spread in the byzantine empire?

Christianity was the official religion of the Byzantine (Eastern Roman Empire) throughout its existence. Christianity spread during classical roman times, it was legalized by

What did the byzantine empire do to spread Christianity?

The Byzantine empire or the eastern Roman empire spread Christianity by forcing everyone to become Christian. It was an eastern emperor, Theodosius I who ordered this. The By

Why did the Byzantine Empire take on Christianity?

The Byzantine empire took on Christianity because of their different opinions in worship icons. This resulted in importance of church in state & don't forget that the cross is

How did the Byzantine help Spread Christianity?

Byzantine missionaries preached Orthodox Christianity outside their empire. The two most important Byzantine missionaries were Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius. They were two

How did Byzantine promote Christianity?

The Byzantine empire promoted Christianity because of the emperor Constantine he protected the Christians and persecuted the non-Christians .Constantine ruled from. 527- 565 a
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How did the byzantine empire spread Christianity?

Two brother who were Byzantine Christian missionaries went toBulgaria and developed an alphabet for the Slavonic languages(Cyrillic) so that the Slavic peoples could read the
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Why did Christianity flourish in the Byzantine empire?

The first spread of Christianity was from Judea to the rest of theeastern part of the Roman Empire. It flourished in this part of theRoman Empire before its Byzantine period a
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How did Christianity spread to the Byzantine Empire?

The Byzantine Empire did not really exist. This is a term which hasbeen coined by historians to indicate the eastern part of the RomanEmpire after the fall of the western part