What is competence and performance in linguistics?

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Linguistic competence potential ability of a speaker based on their knowledge of their language. Saussure refers to this as langue.

Linguistic performance is the actual spoken ability of a speaker. This includes phonetic, syntactic and other speech errors. Saussure refers to this as parole.
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What is a linguist?

a linguist is someone who has achieved over 500 contributions on at least two different wikianswers sites.

Language competence and performance?

First on the word çompetence'. This word means ability to do something, or knowledge about something, to a certain required or acceptable standard.. Second, the word 'perf

What is linguistics?

Linguistics is the scientific study oflanguages . The area of the study includes specific branches such as:socio-linguistics,Historicallinguistics,phonetics,stylistics,etym

Who is a linguist?

Most famous is possibly David Crystal. Others include Peter Trugill, Deborah Cameron, Candace West, Angela Goddard, Grice & Goffman. Many universities employ professional ling

What can you do as a linguist?

Probably, maximizing the skills and learnings in speaking many languages. A teacher perhaps, and most likely an interpreter.

What is the meaning of linguistic competency?

It is the knowledge someone has of their "native language". What the words mean, how they are pronounced, how they fit together in sentences... I found the information on w

Bring out the difference between linguistic competence and linguistic performance?

The concept is very simple really. Linguistic competence is what you actually know about a language, and linguistic performance is how you actually use it. So if you make gram

What are the examples of linguistic performance?

the authentic utterances given by the speaker which may inhibit the comprehension and production capacities. still it may or may not be an indicator of competence because cert

What is the differences between competence and performance?

Chomsky separates competence and performance; he describes 'competence' as an idealized capacity that is located as a psychological or mental property or function and 'perform

How do you get to be a linguist?

Linguistics is the study of languages. It does not require anability to speak, read, or understand another language, but is a"Higher Course". I know a number of linguists who
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What is a competent performer in football?

An athlete who is very aware of his surroundings and the other players. For the lack of a better expression, someone who has their head on a swivel
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What does a Linguist do?

A linguist is an expert in language. They specialize in the humanlanguage. Basically, they study MANY languages and they interpretand teach languages.