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Illegal copying of software for sharing within the group, or friends, clubs and other groups, or the same and resale. The large scale production loses billions of money each year because of piracy, although it may seem innocent to install an application on a few of other machines (soft loading), it may shatter the use of a small software company.
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What are examples of computer piracy?

Computer software piracy is the unauthorized use of computer  software. Installing a single use copy on multiple computers,  downloading cracked software from the internet,

What are the disadvantages of computer piracy?

There are a number of disadvantages to computer piracy. 1. It is illegal. You do not want arrested, sued, or have your computer equipment confiscated. 2. It cheats those w

What is bio-piracy?

Biopiracy is the illegal appropriation of life -- microorganisms, plants and animals (including humans) -- and the traditional cultural knowledge that accompanies it. Biopirac

What impact does computer piracy have on a person using an authentic piece of the same software?

The authors may go broke and discontinue the software. Or the authors may not upgrade the software as often since they are making little off of it. Future paying users are

What is software piracy?

Answer   The copyright infringement of software refers to several practices when done without the permission of the copyright holder:   * Creating a copy and or sellin

What was the punishment for piracy?


How does stream piracy happen?

the headward erosion hat brings about the formation of a river valley is an important factor in a process called stream piracy.

What are the possible consequences of computer piracy?

Computer piracy is very bad and can get you put in jail. It depends on the degree of piracy. Go to jail or get a big fine which you had better pay or else!   If you get ca

What is piracy?

In computer terms, piracy is the copying and distribution of copyright-protected software without permission of the copyright holder. Traditionally, computer piracy refers to

What is the definition for computer piracy?

  Using a computer to steal something. When you copy a game, music, pictures, movies etc. that are trademarked or copywrite protected property of someone else, it is steal

Is piracy illegal?

Of course. It is armed robbery and theft to take someone's possessions from them, including a boat. And given the cost of a boat, it would be a felony.

List four examples on computer piracy?

  Four things you can pirate: Software, Movies, Songs, and Smuggled hardware. Software includes stuff like Photoshop and Video games, which are done by keygen and cracks