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Illegal copying of software for sharing within the group, or friends, clubs and other groups, or the same and resale. The large scale production loses billions of money each year because of piracy, although it may seem innocent to install an application on a few of other machines (soft loading), it may shatter the use of a small software company.
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How can computer piracy affect you?

as far as i can see for normal people like us its only a benefit piracy only affects media industries and software developers...

What are the affects of computer piracy?

The effects of computer piracy are widespread and felt throughout   the software industry. It cause the prices in the companies legal sale to increase  

What are examples of computer piracy?

Computer software piracy is the unauthorized use of computer  software. Installing a single use copy on multiple computers,  downloading cracked software from the internet,

What are some examples of computer piracy?

A guy in Germany copied off an unidentified song by an unidentified singer and put it as his own song and he had to go to prison for a very long time .

What are the consequenses of computer piracy?

If you are caught by an antiP2P group, such as the RIAA, you will be sued, and considering they will have proof of you downloading/uploading before hand, it is basically a fin

What could be the consequences of computer piracy?

First off, computer piracy is very illegal no matter in what form it is. Piracy is punishable by jail and copyright associated fines. Second, pirating over the internet or aid

Who is affected by computer piracy?

Computer Piracy is usually the distribution of computer software without the permission of the company. The money that would be used for a sale of the commercial copy usually

What are the causes of computer piracy?

There are many answers of this question. Here are some of the most common factors in causing computer piracy: 1. Customers may perceive that the prices are too high or that

How are computer piracy regulated?

Regulating computer software piracy is done through many ways by different companies. One place is Department of Regulation, the purpose of this company is to establish a poli