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What is Conduit Engine?

Conduit sells search engines to sites that install the engine to hijack home pages. I purchased a product from Ashampoo, and rejected the option to install the Bing Ashampoo search bar, yet it was installed. The code of my hijacked home page is http://search.conduit.com/?ctid=CT2475029&SearchSource=13. Conduit evidently is in some partnership of revenue sharing of the hijacked home pages. A Web of Trust search will show many complaints from users. Conduit Engine shows up in my add/remove programs, but failed to uninstall, and the "uninstall" was preceded by some direct script code that quickly popped up and then disappeared, I assume so that the search bar cannot truly be uninstalled.

[EDIT (Not from the same person): I have Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 64-Bit OS. I was able to uninstall the Conduit Engine program without issue. I simply went to Control Panel, then Programs, then selected Conduit Engine icon and clicked Uninstall/Change. A small window appeared and it had a little button that said: "Disable all my Apps" and above that was an empty "list" where I am guessing any installed Apps that had to do with the program should have been listed. There was a confirm or whatever option at the bottom of the mini-window and I clicked that and it sent me to a survey website that asked me why I was uninstalling the program. Once I submitted the survey and closed the window the program was removed.]

A Google search of Conduit Engine will result in complaints by users who want to uninstall the search engine, but are having problems.

Because my edit varies greatly from the advertiser's own description below, I will leave their ad, until more research can be done, that justifies taking their advertising down. Do be aware that they are associated with home page hijacking and spyware, to persons who do not desire to have their engine. I have discovered this from Web of Trust and Google. I hope to have my answer improved, once I have discovered how to have their spyware removed. I welcome any answers that can improve upon mine. I will also post how to remove the engine once I am successful.

This spyware 'search engine' that refers unwilling users to advertisers deserves a better answer than what is below sooner, rather than later.

The ad for the spyware search engine follows, until this answer can be marked as 'Answer' or 'Best Answer." Unfortunately, I had no such consideration when the Conduit Egnine was installed on my computer.


Conduit Engine is the module of Conduit Open that allows users to add apps directly to their browser without a community toolbar. It offers you an important new distribution option for your Conduit-powered offerings.

How it works:
  1. Users choose your app from one of the following places:
    • Your website, where you've placed a 2go button
    • The Conduit App Marketplace
    • The app's unique web page
  2. Users who don't have a community toolbar are offered Conduit Engine (existing users add it to their toolbar).
  3. Once Conduit Engine has been installed in seconds, the app appears on the user's browser. In essence, Conduit Engine works like an empty toolbar or an empty row on the browser.

Right-click menu:
Conduit Engine comes with an extensive right-click menu that includes the following options and more:
  • Share via all the major social networks.
  • Get more apps from the same publisher in the Conduit App Marketplace (opens a page in the Marketplace sorted to display only the publisher's apps).
  • Manage your apps including show/hide, move left/right, etc.

if u guys are still unable to delete it just let me know (techiesassistance.blogspot.in)
that's my blog and i will reply u with answer.......
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