What is database design?

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The overall structure of a database is what we call database design. Before creating a database one must design a database that different anomalies. Anomalies like redundancy and must come up with a optimized database design for efficient use.
Design of the database (Database Design) refers to a given application environment, optimize the structure of the database, the database and applications, which can efficiently store data to meet the application needs of various user information needs and processing requirements). At www. myelibrary.net.In you can clearly understand what is the database design.
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How can I design a good database?

This is a very broad question. I'll try to present different areas for you to consider when designing a database.. 1. What is the database program and what is the OS it will

How do you design a database?

hmm, I start to think what am will doing with database, usually I write firts all my idea on a paper and when it ready to build, I use my database application.

What is needed for a properly designed database?

A properly designed database could mean many things. Essentially, it all depends on what kind of database a user / webmaster / etc is looking for. A table (In a database) shou

Who is a database designer?

A database designer is a person who specifies how a database records are stored, accessed and related to make sure there is adequate performance!

Features of a database design tool?

Depends on the design tool, there are MANY design tools and they all have some similar characteristics and some unique ones as well.\n. \nFor the most part design tools help

What are the responsibilities of database administrators and database designers?

Designers design the original database. That is an extensiveprocess, including working out the structures, doing up specialdiagrams, choosing the correct software and computer

How do database designers achieve their goals?

By rigorously collecting business requirements, understanding the desired end result as well as the potential expansion / change directions. By considering future plans an arc

Where can you design and modify tables in database?

Table design in Microsoft Access can be performed by right clicking the table name in navigation view (column that runs down the left hand side of Access that is headed 'All A

Steps involved in designing a database?

Determine the purpose of the database - This helps prepare for the remaining steps. . Find and organize the information required - Gather all of the types of information to

What are distributed database design issues?

Three key issues we have to consider: • Data Allocation : where are data placed? Data should be stored at site with "optimal" distribution. • Fragmentation : relat

What are the characteristics of a well designed database?

A well designed database will be normalized to the third normal form (3NF). The normal forms that are generally required to have a well designed database are First Normal Form

Who designs a database?

A database or systems designer will do it. They could also haveother roles like being an analyst or a database administrator.Whoever is designing a database may work with peop
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What is structural database design?

The logic structure is independent of any kind of data model,in the practical application, the general database used by theenvironment has given (such as SQL Server or Oracel
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What is a relation as used in database design?

When you create a relation (Relationship) within an DBMS you are establishing a relationship of a field in one table to a field another table. Example. We Have a table Custo
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What are the responsibility of the database designers?

As the name implies, a database designer develops both the logicaland physical design of the database. For hierarchical databases,they define the parent-child relationships an
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What are database designers?

Database designers are a type of software engineer that specializesin databases. Therein they will investigate the requirements of theend user platform, design the system inte
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What is centralized database design?

Centralized design is one of the two major methods of designing a networked database, the other being distributed design. In a centralized design, all the database table schem