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What is database design?

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The overall structure of a database is what we call database design. Before creating a database one must design a database that different anomalies. Anomalies like redundancy and must come up with a optimized database design for efficient use.
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Design of the database (Database Design) refers to a given application environment, optimize the structure of the database, the database and applications, which can efficiently store data to meet the application needs of various user information needs and processing requirements). At www. myelibrary.net.In you can clearly understand what is the database design.
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Why database design is important?

Database Design is the database structure that will be used as plan to store and manage data. The database management system (DBMS) is the software used to implement a databas

What are the three levels of database design?

Well, there are actually FIVE (or even SIX, according to some..) but the first three are the most commonly cited parts of normalization.\n \n1) Identification of data and grou

How do you design a database?

hmm, I start to think what am will doing with database, usually I write firts all my idea on a paper and when it ready to build, I use my database application.

Who is a database designer?

  A database designer is a person who specifies how a database records are stored, accessed and related to make sure there is adequate performance!

Why 3NF is preferred in database design?

Engineer requirements should be higher, on the  application of large databases to achieve proficiency or  proficiency level, so the relatively low level of development  eng

Design of a sale and purchase database?

I shall give you a solution to what i think it is, if i am wrong, post back with further queries. First of all what tables you need depend entirley on what information your co

Explain why database design is important?

All of the information and data that is pulled to make websites is  stored in the database. If a database is unwieldy and disorganized,  troubleshooting can become impossibl

What is the first step in database design?

The first and most important step in designing a database is creating a schema. After creating schema tables are created and data is entered in to the tables.

What is a fan trap in database design?

A fan trap is where one too many relationships 'fan' out from a central entity, so the link between the two entities at the many end becomes unclear. For example, if we had a

Who designs a database?

A database or systems designer will do it. They could also have  other roles like being an analyst or a database administrator.  Whoever is designing a database may work wit

What is the meaning of database design?

There is only one meaning of the words database design. Data base  design means the process of creating a very detailed data model of  a database. It is used for a database,

What are database designers?

Database designers are a type of software engineer that specializes  in databases. Therein they will investigate the requirements of the  end user platform, design the syste