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A computer handshake is basically this: its a term used to describe the process of one computer establishing a connection with another computer or device. The handshake is often the steps of verifying the connection, the speed, and/or the authorization of the computer trying to connect to it. An example of handshaking is when a modem connects to another modem; the tones heard after the dialing is the handshake and can be thought of as the computers greeting each other. Think of it as literally a handshake between two people, or two dogs in a park sniffing each others....You know. If the "Handshake is successful: BAM! protocol (computer communication language) is established and life is good. Protocol (BTW) can be physical (USB, Cables etc) or wireless (on the internet) via packets which are.............
A Packet is a series of bits transmitted or received by a computer. Internet traffic is routed and controlled in packet-form.
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How does a computer convert letters to computer language?

Computers use Binary (Computer Language) which are a series of 1's and 0's. Each series of binary is 8 bits (1 byte) long and is unique to each letter. Example: A = 0100

What are computer languages?

Computer languages fall into one of three categories: machine language, low-level language and high-level language. Machine language, or machine code, is the native language

First computer language to up-to date computer languages?

The first ever language is binary code, or punched cards. (1st  generation)   Which is in these kinds of format.   010100100101110101010111 (binary)   or   52

Is a computer language a language?

Well in its most basis element yes. Language is a vehicle in which people use to communicate. Binary, which I assume you are referring to, is a very basic "language" that a us

How TO SAY computer in computer language?

The word 'computer' would look like this in binary: 01100011 01101111 01101101 01110000 01110101 01110100 01100101 01110010 And this in hexadecimal: 63 6f 6d 70 75 74 65

How do you type a computer language on the computer?

It actually depends on the programming language. For example, in Microsoft Visual Basic, you get an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with a GUI so you just have to des

What language does computer understand?

Computers understand binary which translates into instructions. In order to make a computer understand higher-level languages you need to use a compiler or interpreter.

What was the first computer programming language?

1950 - EDSAC(First one) 1954 - FORTRAN 1958 - ALGOL - 58 1958 - LISP 1960 - COBOL 1964 - RPG 1964 - PL\\1 1965 - BASIC 1967 - LOGO 1968 - APL 1970 - PASCAL

What do you understand by computer language?

The computer language is known as programming language.it means a set of rules or symbols used to operate computer. written by ADVAIT 7c address:type C 52/5,B.A.R.C colo

What does os mean in computer language?

OS means operating system basically winows, linxus, or mac. the OS is not .exe such as internet explorer, firefox, or google chrome. Those are web brosers

Which language is called native language of computer?

Machine code is a computer's native language. Every architecture has its own version of machine code, dependant upon its instruction codes. Machine code is simply a binary seq

What is a handshake?

A gesture where two people clasp each others' hands. They do not need to shake anything. Some people think that a handshake is a Freemasonic weapon for taking over the world.

What does the computer term handshake mean?

In simple terms, it is the establishment of communication between computers. People can establish communication through a handshake, so the term is based on that. For comput

What is a computer language?

There are several answers to this question. Internally a computer uses 1 and 0 as its means of storing information and commands. Special patterns of 1 and 0 form commands

What is a 'handshake'?

Answer-- A 'hand shake' is a form of greeting someone. Men for centuries have shook hands and sometimes business deals were just a simple hand shake and no contract involved (