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A computer handshake is basically this: its a term used to describe the process of one computer establishing a connection with another computer or device. The handshake is often the steps of verifying the connection, the speed, and/or the authorization of the computer trying to connect to it. An example of handshaking is when a modem connects to another modem; the tones heard after the dialing is the handshake and can be thought of as the computers greeting each other. Think of it as literally a handshake between two people, or two dogs in a park sniffing each others....You know. If the "Handshake is successful: BAM! protocol (computer communication language) is established and life is good. Protocol (BTW) can be physical (USB, Cables etc) or wireless (on the internet) via packets which are.............
A Packet is a series of bits transmitted or received by a computer. Internet traffic is routed and controlled in packet-form.
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