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We know "inappropriate" can be a bit subjective, so if you're wondering what Answers' standards are, we're here to explain!

Remember - staying safe online should be your priority while surfing the 'net. By removing inappropriate content, we are doing our part in keeping our community safe!

What is considered "inappropriate" subject matter on Answers?
Any question that is asking for answers that contains any of the following:

1. Questions providing personal information (this is for your safety - both the question asker AND the answerer).

2. Items for sale or wanted to buy, using the website as an online market place. You may want to try eBay instead!

3. Questions designed to promote plagiarism, as in cut-and-paste. For example, directly copying a question from a Penn Foster exam.

4. Lists or examples of curse or swear words.

5. Questions of a sexual nature that are offensive. These questions should be of an educational nature, and not written exclusively to offend or shock. Please see our Sexual Health and Education category for examples of appropriate questions.

6. Questions designed to be inflammatory, with little or no informational value.

7. Questions about how to join a gang or other criminal organization. We believe in peace!

8. Questions asking for usernames, passwords, or accounts on any internet community website.
a) If you are asking about an online game, try asking for tips on how to get an item or how to get to the next level, instead of just asking for their item or account.
b) In the case of email - to keep users safe, we don't allow questions asking for email addresses or passwords. We suggest you create your own email account with your own password.
c) Finally, asking for passwords for servers and admin accounts on websites is considered an attempt at hacking, which is a federal offense.

9. Questions asking for master passwords to a computer. We have no way of knowing if the computer was stolen, you are trying to break into one, or if it is actually yours.

10. Questions pertaining to any illegal activity.

11. Questions pertaining to illegal drugs:
a) Questions asking street value of illegal drugs are acceptable on site.
b) For legal reasons, questions about how to obtain or use drugs aren't allowed.

If you believe the question you asked is appropriate please e-mail GoodQuestion @ WikiAnswers.com (no spaces) with the exact question you asked and why you believe it is acceptable.

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