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For example, if one person who can speak language A wants to learn another language (language B), then he/she perhaps needs to find another person who can speak language B and wants to learn language A, so the two persons can go on language exchange. There's a language exchange platform at www.italki.com.
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What is language?

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An exchange rate isthe price for which one currency is converted into anotherthe rate is determined by the supply and demand conditions of relevant currencies in the markettra

What is bill of exchange?

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other name for an exchange reaction but metathesis reaction. This reaction usually occurs in hydrolysis and is AB+CD=AD+CB

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The purpose and origin of language has been a conundrum to  linguists and anthropologists since it was first posed. The  practical application of language is obvious: commun

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Plasmid Exchange is the transfer of genetic material between bacteria through direct cell to cell contact, or through a bridge-like connection between the two cells.

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