What is moving of tassel at graduation called?

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Traditionally, the moving of the tassel at graduation is called, "turning the tassel" or "the turning of the tassel ceremony." It symbolizes one's transition from candidate to graduate. Standard protocol in the US dictates that the tassel be worn on the right side of one's mortarboard at commencement and then, during the ceremony, moved to the left side. Teachers and administrators at commencement place their tassels on the left.
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What side should the tassel go on graduation pictures?

Traditionally, at the ceremony, the tassel hangs to the right, then either en masse or as the diploma/degree is given, it is switched to the left. For the purposes of photographs taken before you graduate you should hang the tassel to the left as the pictures are of a graduate, not of a someone who (MORE)

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What is the graduation head cover called?

The graduation "cap" is called a mortar I believe. The cap and tassel have a long history of educational significance. The graduation cap today continues to signify personal and academic achievement, despite the fact it's only worn for a few hours!

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Which side does the graduation tassel go after a student graduates?

For high school graduations and undergraduate degrees, it goes on the right before you graduate and is then switched to the left after you graduate. For masters degrees and doctorates, it starts on the left and stays on the left. It is not moved before, during, or after graduation.

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