What is multiplexing why is multiplexing needed in electronics communication?

multiplexing refeers to the transmission of different signals in the same channel simultaneously. There are many forms of multiplexing that can be used, including frequency division multiplexing(FDM) where individual signals are transmitted over adjacent , non overlapping frequency bands. they are transmitted in parallel and simultaneously in time. In time division multiplexing(TDM) each signal is allowd to use the whole bandwidth for a certain period of time. Multiplexing is needed so that the available channel can be used efficiently and also to save costs. There is too much to know about multiplexing, here is just a short overview. One thing that one has to know is multiple access.
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What is multiplexing why is multiplexing needed in data communication?

In electronics, telecommunications and computer networks, multiplexing (short muxing) is a term used to refer to a process where multiple analog message signals or digital dat (MORE)

What is a multiplexer?

In physical science, a electronic device may be a device that  selects one in every of many analog or digital input signals and  forwards the chosen input into one line. A e (MORE)

What is multiplexer?

A multiplexer is an electronic device that sends several analog or  digital input signals into one single line. This electronic is  typically used in telecommunications.
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What is difference between encoder and multiplexer in digital electronics?

An encoder refers to a device that is used to change a signal or data into a code. Whereas a Multiplexer or mux is a device which performs multiplexing or it takes information (MORE)
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What does a multiplexer do?

A multiplexer is a device which can interweave two or more activities. So what it does exactly is it supports several input signals (analog or digital) and forwards that input (MORE)