What is the best joke against a guy in the world?

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Grumpy cat 😤🐈
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What is the best joke in the world?

Why was the women crossing the road? That's not the point why was she not in the kitchen What do you call cheese that is not yours? nacho cheese

Best joke in the world?

why are vampires not liked? cause their a pain in the neck. why did the dinosaur cross the road? cause chickens weren't invented these jokes are not that good for adul

What is the best yo mamma joke in the WORLD?

That's mostly a matter of opinion, but some really good ones are: Yo Mamma's so fat when she was pregnant with you no one knew! Yo Mamma's so stupid she bought a cat to chase

What is the world best joke in the world?

Well personally, I hate jokes so there really are no good ones except: Three men check into a hotel and each order a plain room. The only thing different abput each room is

Best yo mama joke in the world?

yo mama so ugly wen she looked in the mirror her reflection started packing yo mama so black if she went to night school, she would be counted absent yo mama so fat people