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Kosher means the food is allowed to be consumed by a Jewsihperson, Pareve simply means it's neither milk nor meat the most common examples are fish, eggs, and produce.
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What is the difference between Halaal and Kosher food?

Halal is Islamic; Kosher is Jewish. The only real similarity between the disciplines is that pork and blood are prohibited in both. Things that Halal forbids that Kosher p

What is the difference between kosher and non-kosher foods?

Kosher foods are those that conform to the regulations of Jewish  religion. These are the rules of kashrut.   Reasons for food being considered non-kosher include:  

What is the difference between kosher and non-kosher?

Kosher food have been produced under the supervision or a Jewish Rabbi, whereas non kosher foods have not. _________ Correction: Kosher food does not require a Rabbi's in

What is pareve margarine?

kosher margarine, parve means neutral, containing no meat or milk (or their derivatives) and thus eatable with both meat and dairy dishes according to the dietary laws of Juda

How does kosher meat for Jews differ to meat you can buy at the local super market?

Kosher meat might be available at the local super market but usually only in areas with a relatively higher Jewish population. For meat to be kosher, it has to come from a ko

What is the difference between kosher and pareve items?

Kosher literally means 'fit'. When food is kosher it means that the food was prepared following the laws of kashrut (Jewish dietary law). (meat- animals that chew their cud an

What is the difference between kosher and kashrut?

"Kosher" is an adjective. "Kashrut" is a noun. Kosher means foods that are allowed according to the Jewish law. The word "Kashrut" has the same grammatical root and would be

What is the difference between a kosher turkey and a fresh turkey?

i don't think there is one, unless the fresh turkey is not kosher. They are quite different. Kosher turkeys, like any kosher poultry, must have been slaughtered in a specifi
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What is the difference between kosher and genuine dill?

Most hechsher stamps on dill and other pickles (such as the Star K stamp and others which guarantee food is kosher) will include the word parve or pareve. Parve refers to food

What makes Glatt kosher food different from regular kosher food?

The term Glatt kosher (although it is often used colloquially to mean "strictly kosher") literally means "smooth," and properly refers to meat where the lungs have absolutely