What is the difference between the Berlin Wall and the Berlin Blockade?

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The Berlin blockade closed off Berlin to the West by denying road and train access to Berlin. The Berlin Wall closed off free access between East and West Berlin. At the end of WWII a Yalta conference was held in 1945, which brought together the three alliances (Soviet, US, and Britain). The result of the conference was that Germany would be divided into 4 zones where each ally could receive a part. The USSR (Russians/Soviets) received East Germany whereas the US received West Germany. However, once Germany was split up in zones there was much hassle over the political structure and government of each division. The US wanted one currency whereas the Russians did not agree. They threatened that if the US was to go through on their planning, then they would blockade the streets, railroads and anything else that might benefit to the unification of Western Germany. And that's exactly what they did - the Berlin blockade. However, it didn't last long - I think it was around 300 days. Even though the Russians blockaded everything to keep US from supplying food, clothes, and whatever was needed the the Americans in Germany, they could not stop American Airlifts. Once the Soviets figured out that they couldn't do anything about planes flying over and dropping off necessities to the Americans, the Soviets surrendered to the Western plans. Eventually, west Germany (pro-US) developed a social market system and hence became a capitalist country with a democratic government. East Germany (still pro-Soviet) had an authoritarian government with a Soviet economy. While the West population was rich, the East Germans could barely afford to feed themselves. The only logical thing for the poor citizens was to jump the border and get into West Germany, for a share of the riches. Since this didn't fly, the Berlin wall was constructed to keep the East and West Germans separated.
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The Berlin Blockade is when the Soviet Unit blocked ground access to West Berlin. It was considered the first major international crises of the Cold War and took place between