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What is the edcational system like in England?

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  1. Pre-school, or preparatory education
  2. Preparatory education
  3. Primary education
  4. Secondary education
  5. Post-sixteen education, and Post-eighteen education

As a teacher, the education system in England is pretty good, although varied. The media would have you believe that children are feral animals and learn nothing but that is definitely the minority.

Due to the league table system, we have a stark contrast in schools. Some schools have demotiviated staff, poor parental support and poor GCSE results. Most are 'middle of the road' schools where children will do 'OK' - enough to get into college anyway.

If, as a parent, you are fully supportive of the school i.e. ensuring homework is done, disciplining if necessary, then your kid will do at pretty much any English school.
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