What is the most popular type of movie?

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fantasy. Many Kids watch movies, and children love fantasy, and if kids see movies, the parents will too.
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What were the most popular movies of 2001?

The three most popular movies in 2001 were Harry Potter and theSorcerer's Stone, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of theRing, and Shrek. Other popular films that year inc

What is the most popular movie of 2010?

The highest grossing movies of the year were Toy Story 3 , Alice in Wonderland and Shrek Forever After , Iron Man 2 and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse .

What is a silent movie and when was it most popular?

Silent movies are movies that have no sound at all: no music, and no speaking either. Silent films were silent because movies with sound hadn't been invented yet. Silent movie
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Which Godzilla movie is the most popular?

I'm just going to go with Godzilla Final Wars because it is the very last movie of the entire Godzilla series and usually the very last movie of an entire serie is the most po