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Probably Chinese (Mandarin) or Japanese. If you started with Japanese it would be a little bit easier.

Answer2: Better learn Spanish, look at the second language on EVERYTHING, it is written in Spanish.
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What is a more useful business language to learn Chinese or Japanese?

Of course, Chinese. China's increasingly powerful stature and more business opportunities relating to the Chinese language means it has become one of the world's most importan

Most used language in the world?

Mandarin has the most number of native speakers and English is the most widely spoken.

What is the most used language in India?

It is Hindu's or followers of Hinduism. The religion says that after a body dies,the soul will be reborn, often in a different form. Hindus believe its wrong to kill any livin

What language is most commonly used in belgium?

  In belgium there are tree official languages, dutch(flemish), french(walloon) en german. There are 10.500.000 inhabitants. about 6.000.000 speek dutch (flemisch) and abo

Is Latin the language most used in science?

The Latin language isn't necessarily the language most used in science, but many words that we use derive from words in Latin. This can include prefixes, suffixes, and even wh

Why is formal language used in a business letter?

One would use formal language in a business letter because it is a  formal means of communication. When writing a business letter, one  wants the tone to be professional. Fo