What is the name of agriculture in mizoram?

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In Mizoram
The answer is "JHUMING" From time immemorial, the traditional method of Paddy cultivation in the hill slopes, commonly known as 'Jhuming' have been practiced in Mizoram till date. Jhuming is the most primitive and destructive method of cultivation-where the villagers slash down the forest, leave for drying under the sun for 3-4 months and burn to clear all the dry leaves, trunk, debris etc. The cultivation of jhum paddy is for a period of one year only. After harvest in the month of November-December, the jhum is left uncultivated and shift to another virgin forest area for the next jhuming practices. Therefore, jhuming is the most destructive method of cultivation, environmentally unfriendly and causes adverse effect on soil health, climate, ecology and soil productivity. As such, the need for permanent and sustainable farming arises. Attempt should be made to develop permanent jhum where crops will be raised year after year on the same plot of land. Till 1950s the villagers in the rural areas of Mizoram were said to be self-sufficient in rice. The living standard was also simple and moderate with the daily needs not expensive. The villagers did not invest on modern Agriculture inputs like seeds of improved variety, fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, etc. Whenever and wherever there is a failure in their jhuming cultivation, they considered as their fate and did not take any protective nor curative measures as we do in modern Agriculture. Therefore, in a way, the practices of traditional jhuming where no chemical or synthesized inputs were used, can be called organic farming by default/tradition and the produces from jhum was to be called organic produces. Organic farming is a holistic system of farm design and management that seeks to create a healthy ecosystem with an agricultural system that promotes environmentally, socially, economically sound production of food, fibre, timber, etc. Organic agriculture significantly reduces external inputs by avoiding the use of fertilizers, pesticides, weedicides and pharmaceuticals. Instead, it works with nature to increase both Agricultural yields and disease and pests resistance. Organic Agriculture is currently practiced in more than 120 countries. European countries account for around 10% of farm land. Italy leads the way with over 50,000 certified organic farmers. Australia has the largest area of land with 1.7 million certified organic hectares. According to the survey report of IFOAM and WOEL in February,2003, India has about 41,000 hectares land under organic management which is only 0.03% of the total Agricultural land. At present, Mizoram is not self-sufficient in food grain production. The population of Mizoram according to 2001 census was 891,058 with population growth rate of 19.18%, literacy is 88.49% next to Kerala. The total geographical area of Mizoram is 21087 sq kms that lies between 92 0.15' to 93 0.29'E longitude is quite moderate ranging from 11.8 0 C-21.3 0C in winter and 20.30 0 C in summer. Average annual rainfall is 25000mm. Ricky chawla of village bhinder kalan disst moga state Punjab gives this answer. you can contact him at Mobile no. +919872587210 or rickychawla14@yaoo.com or rchawla244@gmail.com.. Ricky chawla thinks .............. we should love everyone never forget"DEATH" and "GOD" these are the truths in the world
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What is agricultural smudging?

Answer . You may be referring to the use of smudge pots which is a method of using oil burning heaters in orchards to prevent freezing of the crops.

What is agriculture?

By definition, Agriculture is "the science or practice of farming,including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and therearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products." However, when people are asked what comes to mind when they hearthe word, "agriculture," that's all they (MORE)

Why was Saturn named after roman god of agriculture?

Yes it is. The planet Saturn is named after the Roman god of farming, Saturn was also the father of the Roman god Jupiter. The planet's symbol is a sickle, a tool that belonged to the Roman god of harvest and was also the weapon Cronos used to castrate and depose his father, Uranus.

Name types of agriculture?

There one many types of Agriculture. 1) Shifting Cultivation 2) Intensive Pastoral Farming 3) Subsistence Cultivation 4) Commercial Cultivation 5) Mixed crop Cultivation 6) Dairy Farming 7) Dry Farming 8) Intensive Arable Farming 9) Market Gardening (Fruit and salad vegetables). 10 (MORE)

What is hollands agriculture?

The people who farm in the Netherlands are good at Market Gardening. They produce many cut flowers, notably Tulips & so on. Also many vegetables are cultivated in Greenhouses for domestic consumption (notably tomatoes). Friesian Cattle originated in Holland.

Can you do agriculture?

Yes.. Agriculture is basically farming. Growing crops, cultivatingland, raising livestock, etc etc. You could grow a vegetablegarden. That's 'doing' agriculture.

Why do you have agriculture?

Without agriculture, we would have no food, and would have starved to death long ago. Many medicines are made from agricultural products as well.

What is agriculture about?

Agriculture - The word derived from ager (Latin) or agros (Greek) means land while cultura (Latin)means cultivation . So, it is field(land) cultivation for crop production.

What is the name of the current minister of Agriculture in Nigeria?

\nTwo close results for this question:\n. \n1) Dr S Abba Ruma... Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources\n. \n2) Mrs Fidelia A Njeze... Minister of State- Agriculture and Water Resources\n. \nAddress: FCDA Secretariart, PMB 135, Area 11, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria. HMA 3141931, HMS 3142405 (MORE)

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Why is Saturn named after the god of agriculture?

Saturn was discovered and identified as a planet many years ago. Agriculture was very important to the ancient Greeks and Romans, their lives depended on good harvests and so they believed in a god of agriculture whom they had to please and who was seen as important enough to name one of planets aft (MORE)

What can we do about agriculture?

If you like to eat, I would suggest supporting it. Those in the business of food, fiber, and fuel production need the support of all consumers of their products. For example, if you support organic food production, then buy as much as you can and ask farmers in your area if they will produce it (MORE)

What is commercialised agriculture?

The production of crops for sale or intended for widespread distribution to wholesalers or retail outlets (e.g. supermarkets). In commercial farming wheat, maize (or corn), soybeans, tea, coffee, sugarcane, cashews, rubber, bananas, cotton or any of a number of other crops are harvested in large qua (MORE)

How does agriculture develop?

Early humans gathered food through hunting and foraging. During their time, inhospitable environments forced them to live in groups. As groups grew larger they became tribes. As tribes grew, hunting and foraging became undependable sources of food. This predicament made humans find new ways of getti (MORE)

What can you do with agriculture?

You can do a lot with agriculture. Over half of the jobs in the world deal with agriculture in one way or another. With agriculture you can produce food to eat or sell or you can manage farms by either working on a farm or by checking a farmers finances. With agriculture there are endless possibilit (MORE)

How is insect to agriculture?

Insects are good to agriculture because they can pollinate fruits and vegetables. Some also feed on insects who are interested in the destruction of your plants (ladybugs do this well). Others still exterminate insects and keep insect populations on the farm in check. Some also dine on the "mighty (MORE)

What is agricultural slashing?

Could be clear-cutting of forest and undergrowth to convert into agricultural usage. depends on the context in which you found this expression

Name type of agriculture in kerala?

Kerala's agriculture mainly consists of rice or paddy cultivation, plantation crops like rubber, cashew nuts, coconuts, araca nuts etc.... Besides Kerala is famous for its spices like pepper, cardamom, vanilla, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, turmeric etc. Kerala's major crops are [as per 2000-2001 (MORE)

How is agriculture obtained?

people began growing their foods by planting seeds and then harvesting and storing the food produced. This method allows us to have a food surplus.

What is the purpose of agriculture?

The purpose of agriculture has traditionally and primarily been tomeet the demand for agricultural products, mainly food, but alsoraw materials for fibre manufacture. The basic purpose of agriculture is to shift the ecological balanceof nature in favor of humans relative to other species. All specie (MORE)

Name any 10 agricultural tools and their uses?

A list of ten agricultural tools and their uses would include aplow for making seed channels, a tractor for pulling machinery, acombine for harvesting, a planter for seeding, a disc for breakingup the earth, a hoe for weeding, a rake for smoothing the soil,shears for shearing sheep, a baler for bali (MORE)

Collect pictures of new agricultural machines with their names and uses?

Collecting pictures of new agricultural machines will take someeffort. You can start with an online search for places that sellnew farm machinery. Even if you don't use the pictures on thesites, you could get an idea of what is available. If the picturesare good and are not copyrighted, you could pr (MORE)

What is mizoram famous for?

It is famous for its scenery, Its blue mountains, folk tales and for holding a Guinness World Record in 'BAMBOO DANCING'

What planet is named after Roman God of Agriculture?

No planet is named after the roman god of agriculture. There is a roman goddes of agriculture, and her name is Ceres. Her greek name is Demeter. These planets are named after roman gods: Mercury: the messenger of the gods; greek name is hermes Venus: the goddess of love and beauty; greek name is aph (MORE)

When will CBSE publish class x results 2011-2012 in Mizoram?

Mizoram lies in the Guwahati Region of CBSE. CBSE Results are declared every year in the last days of May. (except once when they were declared in first half of june). These results are mostly declared in phases according to the various regions of CBSE. chennai, panchkula to name a few. in 2011 (MORE)

What is agriculture or what are the different steps of agriculture?

Agriculture is traditionally, colloquially known as growing cropsand raising livestock for food, otherwise known as farming andranching. However, there is far more to agriculture than that.Agriculture is very diverse, with farming and ranching only theroot of it all. It is highly research-intensive (MORE)

Why are all planets named after the roman god of agriculture?

When the ancient people looked into the night sky, it would have been impossible for them not to notice that the planets not only rotated in the sky with the other stars, but that they also changed position every night. To them, these stars must have represented something more powerful, so they made (MORE)

How big is mizoram?

Mizoram is a little over eight thousand square miles. It's population is around one million.

What is another name for agriculture?

The science, art, or occupation concerned with cultivating land, raising crops, and feeding, breeding, and raising livestock; farming. Another name for Agriculture would be agribusiness, factory farm, farming, husbandry..