What is the poorest country in the western hemisphere?

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Haiti, if you mean the Americas by western hemisphere, but it also includes western Africa. So the actual answer is Liberia. Sierra Leone is also included, but currently has a higher GDP per capita than Liberia.
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What countries are in the western hemisphere?

Answer . In regard to the World. USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, etc. Also would you believe, perhaps the UK. As the GMT line goes right down though London. Then you w

What is the poorest country in the northern hemisphere?

Haiti Actually, according to "TheRichest.org", the poorest country entirely in the northern hemisphere is Liberia, but the Democratic Republic of the Congo straddles the eq

What are the ten poorest countries in the western hemisphere?

The Western Hemisphere include all North, Central and South America, plus some parts of Western Africa and Southern Europe. But usually when we talk about the Western Hemisphe

What are the poorest countries in the northern hemisphere?

In the Northern Hemisphere? Haiti has got to be #1. Number Two is debatable, but I would offer Guatemala - an almost hopelessly poor country. Actually, most of the world's
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Which country is now Western Europe's poorest country?

By GDP, San Marino is the poorest country in Western Europe, producing only $2,046,000,000 annually. By GDP per capita, Malta is Western Europe's poorest country, in which

What country is the poorest in Northern hemisphere?

Some or all of fourteen of the world's twenty poorest countries are found in the Northern Hemisphere including: . Democratic Republic of the Congo (the capital and other pa